Best Online Tote Betting Pakistan

Horse betting, as an opportunity to win serious money, is enhanced with the addition of tote betting, and the best online totes are providing online punters with some extremely lucrative prospects when it comes to having a wager on the horses.

Tote betting is also known as pari-mutuel and pool betting, and is structurally fairly straight forward. Most bets are set, with fixed odds. This gives a predictable payout. When there is the opportunity to bet as a community, all bets made by all the punters are combined, or pooled, and after the event the total amount wagered is distributed amongst the winning punters. This provides another completely different betting opportunity, often highly rewarding and certainly worth knowing about.

There are two aspects to tote betting. The first of these is the floating and shifting odds. Based on the number of punters betting, the sizes of the bets made and of course, on the particular outcome, the odds available in this betting format can vary, thus giving the possibility of some very lucrative winnings if used cleverly. The second opportunity is whereby the size of the community reflects the respective size of the purse to be distributed. The best online totes will have enormous purses.

Thanks to the internet and its globalization of events, the community involvement can be substantial and hence that some of the biggest wins online are available through the best online totes.

The online betting community has been exploding practically ever since the advent of the internet. Now that so many people have access thanks to their smart phones, the community is bigger than ever. Pakistan is part of this industry growth explosion. Thanks to totes betting, they can use this to their advantage. Enormous purses can be formed, and so winners can receive some of the biggest payouts in all of online betting.

Tote betting is primarily utilised in horse racing betting, and provides punters with a range of betting opportunities where the winnings are subject to community involvement; the more punters the bigger the pool and winnings payout. As can be expected, online tote betting is enormously popular and copious volumes of money are wagered at these sites. The best online totes, as listed here, will provide a secure environment where punters can take full advantage of the economies of scale to secure amazing wins.

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Online Tote Betting Expectations

There is a basic range of bets that punters should expect at all the best online totes. These are the tote win, which is simply wagering on the horse you think will win the race, the tote place, which is still betting on just one horse, but you still receive a payout if the horse comes second or third.

Then, tote exacta; betting on positions 1 and 2 in the race. This should have several forms, like the single exacta, which is a straight bet for position 1 and 2. It has the greatest odds and therefore gives the biggest payout. A Combination exacta, is also on positions 1 and 2, but the order is not fixed. The Banker exacta is a bet is placed on a fixed horse for position 1, and then any number of horses for position 2.

The tote trifecta is a bet on positions 1, 2 and 3 in a race. The types follow the same system as the exacta, with single, combination and Banker trifectas being available.

There are often even more options available at the best online totes, such as the Tote Quadpot, Placepot, Jackpot, Scoop6 and the Toteswinger.

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